Our commitment to your privacy 

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Personal data that we collect

The personal data that we collect includes your name, address, email address, telephone number, preferences and IP address (the number that uniquely identifies a specific computer).

We always ensure that we have a lawful basis for processing the personal data that we collect. 

Your rights in respect of your personal data

You have the right to request access to your personal data, amendments to it and for it to be deleted. Further information about those rights along with your right to withdrawn any consent you’ve given or object to our processing your data can be found in our data protection policy. That policy also includes who to speak with if you have any queries about our approach to processing your personal data.

Sharing your personal data

There are only a few occasions where we will share your personal data with a third party. They are:

  • where we’re required to disclose it by law – to government bodies for example;
  • between ourselves – for example to deal with a query that you may have;
The data controller collecting your personal data for the purpose of this policy is the Keynes Roofing Centre ltd. We treat security with the upmost importance and protect your personal data.

For how long will we keep your personal data

If for any reason you would like us to delete your data and we don’t have a lawful reason to retain it you can make a deletion request by contacting us on 01908 311777

Information about cookies and how we our use them

A cookie is a small file (typically letters and numbers) which may be placed on your computer when you access our website. Through the cookie we can recognise your computer and browsing activity if you return to the website. 

We use cookies to allow our website to recognise when you return to our site (which helps us to optimise your visits) and cookies to track the life of each visit.
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We use Google Analytics which allows us to collect information about how you use our site. If you access our website directly (and not via an email) you visits will be tracked anonymously.
We use Google Analytics to understand how our website is being used in order to improve the experience for you. All user data is anonymous.
We use social buttons such as Twitter, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to share or bookmark pages on our site or email updates. Those sites may collect information about your internet activity, including if your visit to our site (even if you don’t click on the button if you’re logged on to their site). You should check the privacy and cookies policy of each of these sites to see how they use your information and find out how to opt out and delete such information.
You are able to manage cookies. For more information click If you want to block all cookies all of the time you can set your computer preferences to do so.
Our website does not require you to input personal data to use it. You may however volunteer personal data such as your name and email address to request information, updates and our services. That information is required to deal with your query appropriately.

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